What Would You Ask? One Question for Jesus

What One Question would you ask Jesus?

“While things look like they are out of control, behind the scenes there is a God who has not surrendered His authority.”  – A.W. Tozer

What would you ask? One question for Jesus.

During the course of Jesus’ three-year ministry, his twelve disciples spent nearly every day with Him.  They ate their meals with him, walked beside Him as they travelled from cities to villages to countrysides.  They listened to Him speak to thousands upon thousands of people, and during all those times, they watched Him perform countless miracles.  After all that, the disciples knew Him.  They knew what He was capable of, and they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt who He truly was.

Isn’t it amazing then, that in Luke 11, one of the disciples asks Jesus to teach them one thing…   Can you imagine?  This is Jesus!  The very Son of God! He’s healed the blind and those who couldn’t walk, and those with countless other afflictions!  He’s full of charisma; He had crowds of people literally follow him around for days without any thought of their own food, water, or shelter.  Jesus was intelligent and could hold tantalizing conversations with highly learned people.  He could’ve taught them how to turn water into wine, or how to make sure every fishing trip was so hugely successful that their haul nearly sinks their boats!  They could have asked Him what the very creation of the world itself was like!  They could’ve asked Him to teach them anything.

I think it’s so telling though, that the one thing that disciple asked to learn, was… how to pray.  Seems a bit anti-climatic, doesn’t it?  But if we really think about it… praying is communicating.  When we pray we are actually communicating with the very Creator of Heaven & Earth!  The disciples recognized that this form of communication was more important than knowing how to physically heal someone.  Or more important than taking in that huge haul of fish.  Or more vital than being able to feed thousands of people from one little picnic basket.

I once heard a pastor give a sermon entitled “God answers knee-mail.”  (I know… grooooan!)  We made fun of that title for quite a while!  Prayer should not be quite as glib as shooting off a quick e-mail, but even when our hearts are too full for words, He knows and hears.

So we can pray for justice in our world, and beyond that, we can pray for peace.  Our hearts may break for the pain going on the world around us but even down to every little worry and petty agitation in our everyday life, they will be heard,  if we offer it up to Him in prayer.  Isn’t that an amazing thing?

The Almighty God who is above everything, and understands everything cares about our everyday needs and struggles. He will forgive us of anything. Anything!  All we have to do is ask.  Through Him, we can forgive those who have done us wrongly as well.  He is our Protector in times of turmoil.  Who would you rather have standing over you?  He is the One who lives forever, who started time and He will be there when it ends.  And best of all, He is always there, waiting, like a friend… to listen to whatever is on your heart.


What one thing would you have asked Jesus to teach you?  Leave us a comment below!



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One response to “What Would You Ask? One Question for Jesus”

  1. Arrica Hess says:

    This is a great thought. Thanks for sharing. I think I would ask Jesus to teach me to have heart of wisdom. I find myself so many times want to respond to situations and people the way He would.

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