Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Decorating for the different holidays is so much fun! I once knew a sweet lady that decorated for everything, Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Summertime, Fourth of July, etc. etc. etc. I always wondered where in the world she had room to store all that cute stuff and how she kept it all organized!  Totes upon totes!

Now, I don’t go all out like that, just a few little items here and there is enough for me but it is always fun to find new ideas that work well in other homes.  Here are a few that I thought were cute (and easy enough) to share!

I love this one because it incorporates blue… a color not normally associated with Valentine’s Day, but the contrast with the red and pink make a really nice statement piece.  It doesn’t look like it’d be that difficult to make, either!


I must admit, I love the look of old canning jars.  A little latex or chalk paint, a ribbon, a stencil, a little red glitter and some pretty flowers, and there ya go, a pretty mantle!  The different colors of pink on the outside jars add to the visual appeal here.


A new twist on the old holiday wreath!  Kisses and Hugs! A couple sprigs of red above a small wreath of pink.  So creative!

This one is lots of fun… I love the shabby chic frame and with a few red and pink buttons of different hues, a nice contrasting background… Instant Valentine’s Day!  My mom used to have a big old peanut butter jar full of buttons… I think my grandma kept hers in an old cookie tin.  This one’s a great use of those old buttons!


And this last one, although not necessarily home decor was too cute and whimsical not to share!  It’d be a great idea to surprise Daddy with as he’s coming home from work that day… unless your sidewalk is covered with ice and snow like ours is right now!  Maybe it’ll warm up by Valentine’s Day!   One can hope, anyway! 😉


I hope you enjoyed these! Which project was your favorite?  Do you like decorating for the holidays?  What’s the best project you’ve seen or done?  Drop me a line below in the comment box, and let me know!

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