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Keeping Christmas (And a Cookie Recipe!)

Remember when you were a kid, and Christmas and the holiday season seemed so magical? Putting up the lights and Christmas tree, baking cookies, family gatherings, it was all something wonderful. Do you remember when that changed? When did the magic leave?

Just Add Water: How One Simple Ingredient Solves Much

Can you believe summer is winding down already?  Back to school sales, tax-free weekends, pencils, crayons and notebooks and talk of teachers getting their classrooms ready.  I’ve even heard some talk about pumpkin spice already!  Didn’t we just finish up our school year?  Didn’t summer just get here?  Why do these lazier days seem to…

Snow Days: Enjoying the Beauty of Winter

A week ago, we got a good six inches of the white stuff. Today, the forecast is calling for another eight inches on top of the snow that’s left. To someone who didn’t grow up with snow every winter, (I think we had snow 2 or 3 times in the 16 years I lived in southern California!) snow is an exciting event!  It’s been a few years since we’ve had a snowy winter like this one here in Missouri!