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What Would You Ask? One Question for Jesus

What One Question would you ask Jesus?

During the course of Jesus’ three-year ministry, his twelve disciples spent nearly every day with Him. They could’ve asked Him to teach them anything. What did they ask?

Six Quick Ways to be Garden-Ready for Spring

Welcome to the first day of Spring! It’s finally here! This winter was one of snow and ice and sleet and more snow for us! It was the most wintery-winter we’ve had here in Missouri in years! Most people were ready for warmer temps, but surprisingly I found myself enjoying it, for the most part….

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Do Not Doubt His Grace: Remembering Those in Times of Trouble

Yesterday was a hard day to be online. So many heartbreaking memories of 9/11 posted and so much news of destruction headed for the Carolinas from the hurricane; everywhere you look there is so much despair. But God is always faithful, even when we can’t see. Even in the dark times, He is there. We…