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Grow Where You Are Planted

We have a tiny garden.  We live smack-dab in the middle of a medium-sized city, so we don’t have the room for a huge garden like I’d like. That’s probably a good thing, as I don’t know if I’d be able to keep up with much of a bigger garden than we have! Early this…

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First Aid for Moms: Stop the Comparison Game

Some days make it harder to be a mom than others.  Yesterday, Memorial Day, was one of those days.  We were visiting my parents and my sweet little Fixergirl had an accident at the neighborhood pool and managed to bonk her chin on the side while jumping in, requiring her fourth set of stitches or…

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A Mother’s Love

One week from tomorrow, I’ll have been a Mom for 13 years.  13 whole years.  My sweet little Rocketboy is now a huge kid taller than me, who wears size 14 shoes.  Sometimes it seems like I can still picture so clearly, the earnest little blonde toddler lining up his Hot Wheel cars in “parking…

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