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Decisions, Decisions: Education in 2020

Parents face some tough decisions due to the new Covid precaution procedures implemented this fall. Should you keep your children in public school and follow all the requirements? Or should you opt for virtual offerings or homeschool?

Authentic Hospitality: It Doesn’t Need to be Pinterest-worthy

Authentic Hospitality: It doesn't need to be Pinterest -worthy!

“If you’d like to come see us, stop by any time.  If you’d like to see our house, please make an appointment.”  -Anonymous I value sincerity.  Genuineness. Authenticity.  As an introvert, I have a pretty good sense of when someone isn’t quite being real.  Masks bother me.  I would rather someone show me their true…

Finding Sanctuary: Making Your Home a Place of Peace

  More and more these days I find myself thinking of the world that my kiddos are growing up in.  I’m sure my parents and generations before them probably have had the same thoughts; that the world is getting worse and worse and that things are not getting better… what kind of a world are…