Six Quick Ways to be Garden-Ready for Spring

Welcome to the first day of Spring! It’s finally here!

This winter was one of snow and ice and sleet and more snow for us! It was the most wintery-winter we’ve had here in Missouri in years! Most people were ready for warmer temps, but surprisingly I found myself enjoying it, for the most part. It kind of forced me to slow down a bit, to walk a little more deliberately, to take stock of things more intentionally. There’s nothing more peaceful than taking a walk outside while the snow is falling. But now, the slush and mud that comes after the thaw I can do without! haha!

Be in prayer for those here in the Midwest who are having to face flooding after the thawing snows and excess rain. Spring isn’t known to be a dry season, so the waters are only going to keep rising. I’ve read that in some places, especially up in Nebraska, that the flooding is worse than it was back in 1993 when records were set. Those affected definitely need us to remember them.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming garden season, but the ground has to dry up a bit first. I hear the rule to remember is, “Plant in the mud, crop is a dud. Plant in the dust, the bins will bust!” Not sure about busting bins, but some nice warm weather to dry things up will be more than welcome. There are still plenty of things we can do in early spring to freshen the yard a bit and to get ready for planting season. I’ll lay out a quick six here:

1. Stones:  Tired of walking through the mud? It may be great for kiddos to play in, (RocketBoy and FixerGirl were out attempting to make mud bricks yesterday in the rain…) but I prefer not to have it caking the bottom of every foot that comes in the door! Stepping stones are a great solution to this. Laying down a solid surface to keep those shoes out of the muck is a helpful and inexpensive solution. Some say they are placed better in a layer of sand first, but during this time of year, I find it unnecessary. If they’re traveled upon enough, they will settle. (I’m all about less work, too!)

2. Mulch!  This is an easy fix for any time of year, including these wetter spring days. Adding a 2-3 inch layer to flowerbeds, or even in the garden to walk upon does wonders. Mulch keeps the weeds at bay, gradually improves the soil quality and returns nutrients to the soil. When planting time arrives, it’s easy to dig through to plant your seedlings.

3. Clean up from Winter.  This is the time to clean up any damage leftover from winter. Sticks and branches from winter storms can be gathered, leftover perennials can be trimmed back and fruit trees pruned to ready them for the new growing season. Rake any stray leaves that may smother your lawn

4. Start a compost pile. If you don’t have one going already, early spring is a great time to start that compost heap going. Use a layer of those old leaves from last season along with some good soil and green kitchen scraps, and you’ll have a good beginning.

5. Check out your equipment: How’s your tiller, trimmers, and garden utensils looking? Do you need some new gardening gloves? Was your garden hose cracked or worn by the end of last summer? Now’s the time to replace if needed!

6. Dream! Look over gardening catalogs, and get those seedlings started! It’ll be warm, sunny and dry before we know it!

Have you started thinking about your garden yet? Got any indoor seedlings started? Let us know in the comments below! We love to hear how our readers are doing!

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