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There are so many sites out there designed to save us money.  To me though, it has to be worth the time and not be too complicated to make it worthwhile.  I don’t like jumping through a bunch of hoops.  Call me lazy, I guess.  Two programs that I’ve found that do a great job of making it easy for me to save money are Ibotta & the Walmart Savings Catcher.  Using Ibotta is like clipping coupons, without all the clipping.  They have lists of products on their app and how much cash you will get back from buying each item.  And yup, they’ll give you actual cash back.  It is so awesome to get money back on stuff that I’d normally be buying anyway!  Ibotta also provides the option to get the funds back via gift cards to various places, but I like the real money to roll right back into the grocery budget.

Savings Catcher is nice, but not quite as fun as it only works at Walmart.  Since many of their stores are now phasing out their in-store price-matching programs, they are trying to get more people to get on board with Savings Catcher instead.  I’ve had some luck with it.  After shopping, you scan the boxcode into the app, and they will compare the prices of the items you’ve purchased with the advertised prices of other stores in your area.  The downfall here is that they don’t compare produce prices, nor will they match store brand items.  Once the matches have been made, though, they will send you the difference on a gift card.

Between Ibotta & Savings Catcher I’ve saved roughly $300 in the time I’ve been using them so far, and that’s only with my once-a-week grocery budget.  Definitely worth it!  Do you know of any price cutting apps?  What programs do you use?

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