Meet Chickadee

Hi, I’m Deana, aka Chickadee!

I claim a lot of titles. Wife, Mom of three awesome kiddos and two more in Heaven I’m waiting to meet. I’m a Daughter, Sister, and Aunt to three nieces and a grown-up-too quickly nephew.  I’ve held lots of jobs, most currently Homeschool Teacher and Director of our little home Academy.  In a past life, I’ve been an Immigration Officer and a Community Relations worker for an inner-city Homeless Shelter. (Not at the same time!)  My first job growing up was a Lifeguard. (Fun in the sun!)

I’ve been to college here in Missouri, (where I met my sweet Husby!) and lived in Texas for a couple years while I earned my Master’s.  I grew up in sunny Southern California.  It still colors a lot of who I am, even though I’m a Missourian now.  (Ooh, I finally admitted it! LOL!)

Both my degrees are in political science related fields.  I love talking politics, but that’s not the purpose of the Chickadee Nest here.  In recent years, I believe we have forgotten how to listen to each other.  We have forgotten the art of “agreeing to disagree.”  We have forgotten that our first thought should be to love each other, regardless of our political stances on issues.  We need more peace in life, not less, so there will be no political debating here.

I’m an introvert.  An INFJ to be exact…  one of those <1%ers.   I want to save the world, but not let anyone know I’m doing it.  That’s why writing all this about myself is so difficult… can’t you tell? 😉

I love the ocean and anything having to do with it.  I love a good hot chocolate but never acquired the taste for coffee, even though you’re not really a grown-up until you’re a coffee drinker. I love rainy days and thunderstorms.  I love the snow but hate the cold.  I love gardening and fresh veggies but dislike weeding.

I spend way too much time on Facebook. I love languages and envy people who can to speak several languages, but I’ve only mastered a smattering of French myself. I love traveling, but lately, my exploits have been limited to different places around the Midwest.

I’m a former soccer player, but don’t follow the professional teams.  I love rooting for the KC Royals, though if I have to pick a second team, I guess it’s a begrudging tie between the LA Dodgers and the STL Cardinals.

I’m a proud nerd, I love Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, historical epic movies and soundtracks, and I think Geocaching is great fun!

I’m a Christian.  It’s the core of my being. Living for Christ is what I do, day by day. I’m not syrupy and sweet, and corny Christian movies make me cringe.  But Christ is my life, He’s the lens of my worldview.  Without Him, there is no peace.

I hope you’ve been able to get a sense of who I am, in a nutshell, I guess.  Let me know who you are, what are your likes and dislikes?  What makes you laugh, or gets you upset?  What do you live for day-by-day?