Hello December!

Although Spring is the best season; December is one of my favorite months! I do not love December for the weather, although I’ve lived in the Midwest most of my life– I’m a native southern Californian and will never acclimate to the cold temperatures!  If it’s gotta be cold, I at least want some snow, but most of the time it’s just cold.

Neither do I love December’s shopping frenzies. I’m not a crowd person, so I leave the Black Friday deals to those of you who love the excitement of the chase.  I don’t love December because of the gifts I get, though giving them is the best ever.  I love seeing the kidlet’s faces when they open a gift, one they didn’t even know to ask for, but it turns out to be the exact right thing.

I do not love December for the parties–  I’m at that point in life where I think if I hear the words “white elephant” one more time it’ll be a hundred times too many.  The food is always good though.  Can anyone say Christmas cookies?

To me… December is not about the hustle and bustle.  It’s about white twinkle lights.  It’s about traditional carols.  It’s about sitting by a window with a mug of something hot while watching the snow fall outside.  Have you ever gone outside when it’s snowing at night? Last week after the kids were in bed I went to let the dog outside and followed him out on a whim. It was the most amazing thing… the silence!  We live in a medium-sized city, a couple of blocks from a pretty busy street, nothing hugely noisy, but on this night the snow must have muffled any car engines or road noise.  The neighborhood was completely silent, no barking dogs or wind, just huge flakes falling down around me.  Talk about peaceful.

I love December because it’s a time to remember the things that truly matter:  Faith, family, and friends.  I love December because it’s a time to reflect on the past year. It’s a time to be grateful for the blessings we have.  It’s a time to remember the ultimate Gift we received in a stable on a starlit night oh so long ago.

What do you love about December?

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