Chickadee Deals: May Day Edition


Wow! Look at You!  You’ve somehow run across one of our old Chickadee Deal pages!  Deals are expired, so we’ve taken them away.  Bargains are an awesome thing, but finding them is time-consuming and already covered by so many wonderful blogs across the ‘Net.  Please enjoy the rest of our content! 🙂 


Happy first day of May to all of you, and Happy Birthday to my awesome Husby ComputerGuy!  If you know him, make sure to give him a birthday shout out today! 🙂

One year when the kidlets were tiny, we picked a bunch of flowers from the yard and turned them into May baskets.  We had roses, Iris, tulips, hyacinths, and probably more, all rolled up in a cone of construction paper.  We snuck into his car which was sitting at work to hang the basket from the rearview mirror as a surprise.  It was fun.  No May baskets this year, as the late spring start has deprived us of everything but tulips, but what a great “remembery” that is!  Does your family have any fun Mayday memories?


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