Chickadee Deals 4/8-4/14


Wow! Look at You!  You’ve somehow run across one of our old Chickadee Deal pages!  Deals are expired, so we’ve taken them away.  Bargains are an awesome thing, but finding them is time-consuming and already covered by so many wonderful blogs across the Net.  Please enjoy the rest of our content! 🙂 

How was everyone’s week? We got a cruel, cold snowy start to ours, but the rest of it after today looks to be bright and springtimey!  Finally!  At least for a little bit.  Springtimes in Missouri always seem to start out a bit “rollercoastery,” as the kidlets like to say!   30 degrees one day, 68 the next.  How are things in your neck of the woods?

Just so you know, I’m going to be adding a few extra deals this week to cover your bases for next week.  We are going on a Spring Break of our own for a couple days, so there won’t be a Chickadee Deals post next week.  (I will post anything super awesome that comes up on our Facebook page instead!  So if you are on Facebook and haven’t joined us yet there, here’s the link!)

Happy Deals! 🙂

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