Auld Lang Syne: Days Gone By

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot, and old lang syne?
For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne,
we’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne.
And surely you’ll buy your pint cup and surely I’ll buy mine,
And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne.
We two have run about the slopes, and picked the daisies fine;
But we’ve wandered many a weary foot, since auld lang syne.
We two have paddled in the stream, from morning sun till dine;
But seas between us broad have roared since auld lang syne.
And there’s a hand my trusty friend, and give me a hand o’ thine!
And we’ll take a right good-will draught, for auld lang syne.

There’s probably not a song that brings more feelings of nostalgia than this one! Every New Year’s Eve, it evokes memories of the past year, New Year’s Eves gone by, and hope for the New Year to come.

Did you have a good year? One you’d rather forget? Either way, we hope and pray that the next year will find you happy and healthy.

One thing that always amazes me is to think of how “big” God is.  To think of someone who existed before time.  Someone who created time. Someone who knows our past and our future.  Someone who has written down each of our days before a single one has occurred.

He not only knows our future but is the caretaker of it.  He is never surprised at events that happen, as nothing can derail his plans for us.  As I think about the year ahead, I can know with assurance that He does have it all under control.  I can have hope for the coming year, despite any normal fears that may arise with anything unknown and unexpected.  There is nothing unknown and unexpected to Him!  In Him, we can take refuge.  We can entrust the New Year and anything and everything that may happen during it to Him.

Like the traditional song above, I hope the New Year brings more running through hills of daisies than trudging along with weary feet… that old friends may not be forgotten, that there be more paddling along in merry streams all day than having broad seas between loved ones… but whichever the coming year may hold, I am thankful to know that I have Someone walking with me through each and every day.

May you and your family have a blessed New Year!

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