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Who Are You? How to Make a Real Difference

Vote with how you live your life. I usually make a concerted effort to stay away from political issues on this blog.  There are so many more important things (when one looks at the big picture) than what’s going on politically; who’s backstabbing who, and who is lying about whatever rumor to make the other…

Creative Solutions: Leftover Cereal Bars Recipe

cereal bars recipe

The Problem: I think any mom will tell you: one of the most annoying things to find, (other than clothes that are still folded being put back in the laundry room to be washed!) is when you reach into your pantry for something and come back with an empty box.  Hello kidlets!  If you empty…

Decisions, Decisions: Education in 2020

Parents face some tough decisions due to the new Covid precaution procedures implemented this fall. Should you keep your children in public school and follow all the requirements? Or should you opt for virtual offerings or homeschool?

New Homeschooler? 5 Points to Make a Strong Start

New Homeschooler? 5 Points to Make a Strong Start

Are you considering homeschooling this fall?  You aren’t alone! More people than ever before are making that leap! Providing your kidlets with that strong, customized education can be a daunting task, but with some quick guidelines in your back pocket, it is really not as difficult as one might at first think.

What Would You Ask? One Question for Jesus

What One Question would you ask Jesus?

During the course of Jesus’ three-year ministry, his twelve disciples spent nearly every day with Him. They could’ve asked Him to teach them anything. What did they ask?

We Will Not be Overtaken: Trusting God in Times of Trouble

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed listening to all the violence, destruction and dissension among us. What can we do, other than take a deep breath and know that this too, shall pass?

Learning to Abide: A Word for Mother’s Day

  Every January there is an onslaught of goal-chasing bloggers who choose their “Word of the Year” as an alternative to New Year’s Resolutions. 2020 has proven to be a most unusual year so far, and while I didn’t choose a word of the year in January, somehow it seems fitting right now to do…

The REAL Heroes of the Pandemic

Who are the real heroes of this pandemic?

Healthcare workers, grocery and food-service workers, utility workers, internet service providers, truckers, delivery drivers, sanitation workers, the ladies sewing mask after mask and asking nothing in return, police, fire, postal service workers, manufacturing plant workers, those who work in the media, bankers, teachers, parents… all heroes during this time.  I’m sure I’ve missed a few,…

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