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Calling it Done!

Just a quick note to those of you expecting to see a Chickadee Deal post… I’ve decided I’m going to post those solely on the Chickadee Nest’s Facebook page, for a trial period. Depending on how it goes, I may decide to move it back here to the blog, or not. I really love helping…

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

I’ve planted tomatoes every spring for as long as I can remember.  There’s just something wonderful about that bright deep red color you get when you slice into a home-grown tomato.  And the sweetness… it’s something the grocery store doesn’t even come close to matching.   I even love the scent of a tomato plant.  You…

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Thank You and Awards

June will mark six months the Chickadee Nest has been in existence as a blog, and I can’t even begin to tell you how great these first six months have been!  I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you all how much I appreciate your support, your comments, your shares, links, and pins!   It…

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A Mother’s Love

One week from tomorrow, I’ll have been a Mom for 13 years.  13 whole years.  My sweet little Rocketboy is now a huge kid taller than me, who wears size 14 shoes.  Sometimes it seems like I can still picture so clearly, the earnest little blonde toddler lining up his Hot Wheel cars in “parking…

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Chickadee Deals 5/6-5/12

Happy Tuesday!   How are things in your neck of the woods?  It’s summer here, already!  Seems we jumped straight from winter (snow in April!) to summer (high of 85 today!) The kids are feeling it too, we’ve got two more weeks left of school to do, and they’ve more than made it clear that they’d…

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Testing Day

I don’t know who’s more nervous: Rocketboy, or me. Actually, yes I do. I’m more nervous. Today he’s taking his first-ever standardized test. Homeschoolers in Missouri aren’t required to take these tests like some states are, but I figured with him skipping eighth grade this fall and starting high school level work, it’d be as…

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Chickadee Deals: May Day Edition

Happy First day of May to all of you, and Happy Birthday to my awesome Husby ComputerGuy!  If you know him, make sure to give him a birthday shout out today! 🙂 I remember one year when the kidlets were tiny, we picked a bunch of flowers from the yard and turned them into May…

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To Infinity and Beyond!

Once upon a time, I had a kindergartener. He was a sweet, enthusiastic boy with darkening blonde curls, big sparkling blue eyes, and a contagious laugh.  He loved his little red Converse shoes, Veggie Tales, Transformers, and had a thirst for learning new things. Even then, science was his favorite subject. We studied ecosystems: oceans,…

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