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Six Quick Ways to be Garden-Ready for Spring

Welcome to the first day of Spring! It’s finally here! This winter was one of snow and ice and sleet and more snow for us! It was the most wintery-winter we’ve had here in Missouri in years! Most people were ready for warmer temps, but surprisingly I found myself enjoying it, for the most part….

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What True Love Is

Once upon a time, there were two children who were precious to their Father. He doted on them and gave them everything they desired. They had love, a beautiful home, plenty of food, many friends, and were well protected. But the children were just not content. They wanted more. The Father reminded them that they…

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Snow Days: Enjoying the Beauty of Winter

A week ago, we got a good six inches of the white stuff. Today, the forecast is calling for another eight inches on top of the snow that’s left. To someone who didn’t grow up with snow every winter, (I think we had snow 2 or 3 times in the 16 years I lived in southern California!) snow is an exciting event!  It’s been a few years since we’ve had a snowy winter like this one here in Missouri!

Though a Mirror Darkly: Looking Forward

“For now, we can only see darkly, as though we’re looking through a mirror, but a time is coming when we will see clearly, face to face.”  1 Corinthians 13:12a December 31, 2018 A Note from Dee: The Chickadee Nest has been active for a full year now, and what a year it has been!  First of all,…

Hello December!

Although Spring is the best season; December is one of my favorite months! I do not love December for the weather, although I’ve lived in the Midwest most of my life– I’m a native southern Californian and will never acclimate to the cold temperatures!  If it’s gotta be cold, I at least want some snow,…

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Having an Attitude of Gratitude

  I love the attitude of gratitude that November brings as the Thanksgiving draws near.   The air is full of anticipation with the holidays coming, and gratefulness for the things we have.  Some people like to post a “gratitude” a day on social media, but knowing me, I’d forget a day or two here and…

Hope in Spite of Weariness: Finding Strength

  It’s so beautiful outside!  The trees are all scarlet and golden and bright oranges this year. The leaves have been falling in what the kidlets like to call “leaf storms,” swirling and flying every direction on their way down. Soon we’ll make huge piles of them, and I’ll do our annual leaf photo-shoot with…

Making it Happen: Being an Advocate for your Home-schooled Child

Sometimes you just gotta do it yourself.  One thing I’ve learned about homeschooling over the past 9 years is that Homeschooling Mamas will jump through all kinds of hoops to give their kidlets a good, customized education.  That’s one of the best things that differentiates homeschooling from “away-from-home” schooling, in my opinion.  We focus on…

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