Meet Chickadee

Hi, I’m Dee!

I’m glad you’ve found us!  A little about me:  I’m a homeschooling mama of three sweet kidlets, AKA here as RocketBoy, OtterGirl, and FixerGirl. We’ve been home educating since day 1, which makes us 10+ year veterans now, as hard to believe as that is!  I’ve been married to ComputerGuy for almost 20 years. (Time flies when you’re having fun!)

The Chickadee Nest was started to provide a place where tricks of the homeschooling trade can be shared, along with a few recipes, life lessons, faith, encouragement, and other fun stuff like gardening and memory-making.

You’ll find posts about intentional living, promoting peace at home, and the importance of making family “rememberies” together… because even though it’s such a cliche… the days with these little ones are so long, the years are so short!  Thanks for joining me here on this journey. Feel free to drop me a line or three, I would so love to get to know you!